Disney + Debut Plagued by Technical Difficulties

The highly anticipated streaming service Disney + is making its debut today. We have been anticipating a successful start for the streaming platform due to their vast content library and huge fanbase behind their various movie series’. Netflix has been under a lot of pressure and seen decreased growth statistics ever since Disney made the announcement earlier this spring. Unfortunately for Disney, their services debut may have been a victim of its own success as there has been widespread reporting of technical issues with the service crashing.

Many consumers who were excited to try out the newest streaming service were hit with an “unable to connect message” when they tried using it. The company has already stated that technical errors are due to unexpectedly high demand for the streaming platform. Disney was also forced to delay the launch in Canada and Puerto Rico due to the huge demand. We expect the issues to be resolved soon as Disney + will serve as a premier competitor to Netflix in the coming years.

2 thoughts on “Disney + Debut Plagued by Technical Difficulties

  1. Has Disney outgrown Snow White or the Wizard of Oz ?


    1. Disney has done an excellent job adapting their recent movies to the new generations!


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