Innovative City to Continue Paying Homeless People for Picking up Trash

Dirty streets and a rising homeless population have become increasingly troubling issues in big cities across the US. Many prominent politicians have been vocal about this issue and the importance of finding real solutions. Now, it appears the city of Little Rock, Arkansas may have found a way to combat the homelessness crisis in our country. The city has been compensating its homeless population $9.25 per hour for picking up trash in the streets with their Bridge to Work Program.  

Due to the program’s success, the city of Little Rock has extended the program through September 2020, beyond the initial 6-month schedule. Local pastor Paul Atkins has commented on the program’s progress remarking “We’re super excited about what has gone on, and we hope to be able to keep the momentum going.” Over 380 local homeless residents have already participated in the program, which was launched in April of this year. It will be interesting to see if other cities facing the homelessness crisis follow suit or come up with their own innovative solutions.

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